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Tohatsu Authorized 
Dealer and Service

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of new Tohatsu outboards from 2.5 - 250 HP.


Tohatsu has been in business for over 70 years. Their motors come with a 5 year factory warranty.  We offer discount pricing on the motors, and certified technicians for the rigging services including controls, cables, propeller, and gauges. Call us for a quote on your Tohatsu Repower!

A bit about Tohatsu; in 1956, Tohatsu introduced their first outboard engine. Since then, they've produced over 4 Million units for a varied market place: Including commercial fishing, marine transport, recreation, military, law enforcement, rescue and competition racing.

To satisfy those diverse markets, Tohatsu has researched and developed their products with the most advanced technology available today; TLDI, Low Pressure Direct Fuel Injection and rock solid four-stroke designs. Tohatsu offers engines in three categories:

  • Portable - 2.5 to 20 HP

  • Mid-Range - 25 to 90 HP

  • High Power - 115 to 250 HP

We sell, install and maintain a full selection of outboard motors from Tohatsu. All Tohatsu outboards we sell meet current EPA emission standards and are legal to run in all lakes and waterways in every state in the US.

Please check out the Tohatsu Website for specific information on the current line of  motors.

Call or contact us for a price quote including installation, rigging, and maintenance.

Visit to see all outboard motors. Contact us with questions!

Four Stroke



The 200 hp large displacement 3.5 liter V6, our second highest horsepower four stroke, comes equipped with the Variable Valve Timing and Lift Control system.


Four Stroke

MFS 9.9


New innovations allowed Tohatsu to introduce a new Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) four stroke outboard to its lineup; meet the 9.9hp EFI Sport. The lightest weight outboard in its class features exceptional torque and top end speed so you can get where you need to go in a flash.

 All Pricing Discounts are for In-Store Sales Only and require our technicians to install and rig the motor. Sale price doesn't reflect any costs associated with expedited shipping services. All prices are subject to change and availability. 



We carry a limited supply of older outboards of many makes and models. Our inventory of used engines changes weekly. Please checkout our our Used Motors page or call us for availability.

LPG Powered

This LPG model offers easier starting, quiter operations and provides less maintenance on fuel related parts. Plus, it's 30% cleaner than conventional outboards.

Self-Diagnostics System

The Tohatsu Tachometer (with three indicator lamps) can be used to quickly determine engine runtime as well as potential issues. This is done with the combination of the meter reading and indicator warning lamps. This is compatible with the 40/50hp 4-Stroke models.

Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection

The EFI system provides quick starting and throttle response, excellent fuel economy and very smooth rides on the water.

Multi-Function Tiller Handle (Option)

Offers smooth control and easy operation and maneuverability with its ergonomically designed shift handle and conveniently located power tilt & trim switch, key switch, kill-switch & lanyard. Includes the industry's first Variable Idling Control system where Idling/Trolling speed can be adjusted in different rpm ranges by pressing the key switch. Compatible with 4-Stroke 25hp to 90hp.

Variable Idling Control

Idling/Trolling speed can be adjusted in four different rpm ranges by pressing a key-switch.

Water Flushing System

4-Stroke 9.9hp and above models have convenient builtin freshwater flush system which enable boaters to simplify their routine care removing sand, dirt, saltwater, and other debris and to extend the lifetime of outboard motor.

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